First of all,I just want to say that unemployment is such a horrible thing. Am currently hopping from one interview to the next and basically spend the rest of my free hours in front of my tele. I'm not big on watching Tele but for the past 3 months I believe I've watched every series,movie and documentary on DSTV ( gotta thank God for DSTV, they are saving lives in Africa lol) . I kinda have a few favorites but today im here to highlight the ones that blow. Every time I see any of these I immediately switch channels. This is MY opinion and I'll probably come off as uptight because I dislike them but...meh. Here are my 6 worst shows on tele right now!

I get the concept of the show but I think it's soooo wrong! On so many levels! I don't understand how the family of the deceased actually agree to do this. Could it be because the producers pay for the whole burial? So very wrong. If anyone did half of the things they do on this show to me I'd be doing backflips in my coffin.

was never a fan of their Disney show and am not impressed with this one either. I don't see the humor. They force it too much. And they have milked the whole "twins in Hollywood" bit to the last drop! Like, the only twins I can stomach are the olsens. Stop! It was kinda cute when they were kids but they need to do their thing individually now. Enough is enough! Where do I sign please -_-

Every time and I mean every single time I watch an episode, my mind screams CHILD ABUSE. I understand it's a competition and they have to adhere to a certain set of rules and regulations in order to be able to participate but I really feel like those kids will need professional help later in life. Lol all that makeup, diva behavior, materialism etc at such a young age can't be a good thing. Same goes for those stylish IG kids,but that's a topic for another day. Let kids be kids! Stop trying to live vicariously through your children.

 The good book in Matthew 7:11 tells us to judge not but I'm having a real difficult time not judging the couples on this show. The show has all the ingredients required for a reality show, drama, tears, problems, happiness, jealousy etc but aren't they all supposed to be focusing on sharing the word in their various churches? So very pointless. If I need drama all I need to do is look up any "real housewives of whatever" and am set. They tried to bring a religious aspect to reality TV but unfortunatly they crushed and burned.NEXT!

Speaking real wives of blah blah blah....Hollywood decided to give us another angle. I honestly blame such shows for the pussification of  these men. This is what is causing problems! Lol men...why are you proudly going around happily name dropping your wives names because they are famous?! Atrocious! I watched one episode and I was done.

If my memory serves me right,this child is a by product of the toddlers and tiaras show. See,this is what I meant when I said these kids would need some type of professional help later. The kid is not even 10 yet and she is so over the top and destructive! There's nothing amusing about her and her antics. If I ever had such a disrespectful child I would whip the madness out of her. I can't stand such dysfunctional families...lol I sound angry don't i?

Did I mention how much being unemployed sucks? Lol