Happy weekend everyone! enjoying the festivities already i hope. i love December! everything about it spells happiness. new clothes,shopping,family,events plus thats the biggest way of knowing that God has truly blessed you among so many who passed on earlier. we thank God for the gift of life.

Now,i just want to give a quick shout out to all of the ladies who have mastered the art of contouring and highlighting (as evidenced by instagram,youtube etc). yall have it down to a tee! nowadays everyone looks so put together and fabulous with or without the aid of a makeup artist and the guys are complaining LOL! i don't get it! makeup is there to enhance our already beautiful faces and cover up our small flaws...its not like we are going under the knife or anything :(. guys stay complaining! while some of us do it for ourselves,others do it to impress you men out there so be happy if your woman is doing everything she can to look pretty for you. being a girl is hard lol.

Anyway, for those of us who are not so good with the whole concept of contouring,its basically meant to slim out some parts of the face or "bring out" some features. For example if you have a round face,what you want to do is make your cheeks appear a bit hollow and bring out our cheekbones...for those who arent comfortable with their forehead,nose,neck etc there are solutions for you too. this trick has been used for years in pro makeup but I THINK Kim k is the celeb who actually started this contouring madness a few years ago. thank you kimmy :D here are some photos she released on her IG some time ago showing how to achieve this look on your own. For a more detailed tut i suggest you visit makeupshayla on youtube. She has the simplest (under 10mins) method of doing it.

 Highlighting the forehead, ridge of the nose,under eyes,lip area, and chin (T ZONE)

look fabulous as you enjoy the season! forget those men lol! xoxo