July is almost here and am anxiously waiting for the 17th when I can go online and watch love games season 2! For those of you who aren't Zambian,love games is a local 13 episode drama series about love,relationships and HIV/AIDS in urban Zambia.

I find it interesting and educational especially because HIV is something that we Africans are battling with in 1 way or the other. Like they say,if you're not infected you are affected. I think making a series of the issues people go through was genius because its audience are the youth and what do youngsters love more than entertainment right? Also,its not the usual grim, cautioning "AIDS KILLS'' message that's attached to the series. it shows how life goes on,how one can and should manage their life/health if they end up with the virus. The funny/annoying and sometimes ghetto accents and anecdotes are fun to watch too.

Now, since am not an actress/director or anything like that il try my best to keep my opinions on the subtle side but i absolutely cannot stand tasheni. she's too umm,what word will i use now? fake? that accent..nah. she's also too rehearsed hope she's worked on that in the upcoming season  :D   

The rest are OK...i especially love Chilufya, Charlie,Tasheni's mom, Womba and Tamara grace Ramsay...forgotten her characters name lol.

Hard to believe this one is a pastor. eye candy neh?

you might remember Lloyd as Zambia's rep in Survivor Africa 

yay! tamara! <3
wife vs girlfriend 

husband vs boyfriend

vomit inducingly cute couple lol


catch y'all later!