Hello everyone!! so, sometime in February i was involved in an auto crash which resulted in a broken right humerus... :( i had surgery immediately and got a plate & ten screws inserted. i'm still in rehab and doing physiotherapy to get my range of motion back (grueling and painful) but so far so good.

During this time i haven't been able to use my right hand...AT ALL. I've had to depend on my left hand for simple tasks and my boyfriend for everything else.Meaning,i had to find a way around my beauty regime to get a presentable look with little or no effort. Which brings me to today's post. My 10 non-fussy beauty/hygiene  products. Enjoy!

                                                    1.JOHNSON'S BABY WIPES

Okay, so since i wasn't allowed to take a  real shower for at least 2 months after the surgery (yeah i know :/) i had to rely on baby wipes to keep my wound clean,my lady bits,face and pits sanitary throughout the day. I love baby wipes. Easy to use,easy to dispose,portable and they come in different sizes and fragrances. love Aloe Vera and Rose! yay for wet wipes!


I think every African woman has used this at one point of their lives. The stuff is amazing. Before the accident I didn't use this product that much because I could clean my face and neck well enough plus I didn't like the "sting" that came with using it but i had no choice and i'm actually happy i resorted to this.my combination skin was blemish free and behaving all through my recovery i was stunned.i might continue using this.


 I could wear lipstick well enough with my left hand but after a while i couldn't be arsed to,so i switched to tinted lip balms! At first,i was using Nivea's lip balms then got put off because it wore of pretty quickly.Then i bought this lip gloss! works just as good as a lipstick AND stays on for hoursssss!win!

                                                                4. VEET WAX STRIPS
Normally,i don't wax.I shave or use hair remover.But like everything else,i needed to find something i could use easily with my left hand and i wasn't about to go through nicks and burnt skin to achieve the results i wanted.Again,WIN! first time i used them i was kinda skeptical but now?Completely sold.

Braids have been my hairstyle of choice for the past 3 months because,obviously i didn't need any high maintenance  weave ons or styles. So to keep my tresses moisturized and shiny looking i got me some African pride. great stuff.

This is a plant that is used widely in the Indian Ayurveda world. it prevents infections, pimples, blackheads and what not.There are neem teas, soaps, face packs etc so since i had my face covered on he outside,i wanted something i can ingest that will keep my skin looking pretty. I got a pack of Ayur's and i have the prettiest glow. i wake up in the morning and just stare at myself lol try it guys! 

                                                    7. VIT E CAPSULES

Someone told me to buy vit E capsules and pop 1 then slather the oil all over my new scar for quick scar fading. i actually tried this on my face years ago when i had troublesome acne scars,but i cant remember what worked because i was using a whole lot of products at once. Fast forward to a month later,the scar is still visible and will be for a long time ( 20 stitches) but its looking good! its not as scary looking as before and i think the capsules are doing their job. yay!

                                             8 .MAYBELLINE GEL EYE LINER
You know how some people say they feel naked when they leave their house without wearing earrings or lip gloss? i cant go anywhere without putting on kajal/Kohl/eyeliner. I CANNOT. id rather skip the foundation. i normally use the liquid kind cos it glides on easy and can be corrected easily if you have shaky hands. since am working with my lefty now,i had to improvise. Gel liner is the sh*t. lord knows why i haven't tried it since :/ Its smudge free,oil free,more intense,and water proof! no need for touch ups which is kinda the whole point of me switching to a gel. LOVE!

                                                        9. LAKME SOUFFLE
Once again,Lakeme came to the rescue with this amazing daily wear souffle. I needed something i could use that wont take so much time to remove so I went to the nearest Lakeme counter and scooped this. No regrets. its  high coverage yet still very fluffy/light and easy to wash off. best Rs99 I've ever spent! (that's about a dollar)

Okay so sometime during post surgery,i ordered Chinese and had stir fry rice and lobster. next day as i was starring at myself in the mirror (i wasn't joking guys lol) i noticed a large mosquito bite looking bump on my left arm. brushed it off until later in the day i saw a bigger cluster of the same bumps forming on my thighs...AND this time they started itching! UGHHH! HIVES! As if i wasn't suffering enough already :( apparently i'm suddenly allergic to lobster. * RME* got some over the counter pills and i was OK  but i couldn't use any of my deodorants or perfumes because my skin was sensitive SMH...only thing i tried that worked was this VS body mist.very sexy and works just as good if not better than my deo! i use the purple one at the end. yummy smell.

Thats it for now!