10 stylish women

Gorgeous aren't they? Cant blame them for smiling like that LOL 
OK so I have been meaning to do this post for a while now. Like like every girl out there, I love fashion.I love shopping, I love magazines and E news. am always trying to keep up with what's going on around me AND still define my own personal style.I haven't gotten to that point yet though.There are plenty of celebrities out there with different styles but the stars I relate to the most are these 10 beautiful women.in no particular order I give you..my 10 ten style stars!

Anyone who's familiar with Gossip girl knows who Blake lively is. she is just as fashionable in real life as she is on the hit series.dressed up or down she still manages to pull of everything effortlessly.Added cool points is she has no stylist! she picks out all her outfits herself! 


The 22 year old model is always on point on the red carpet and off.At all times!Am not keen on all  her outfit choices but when she wants to impress she goes all out which I love.Very impressive for someone that young.


Charlize Theron!! My favourite south African!!! I just saw snow white and the huntsman last week (am late I know hehe) and as usual I was blown away. Even as an evil witch she is so beautiful.Am obsessed with her.


As if dating dewayne wade is not enough she just had to be pretty :( lol I love me some gabby. Look at those arms!! 


Kim may not be famous for many important things but 1 thing she does have is an eye for fashion. I don't believe I have seen Kim look bad ever since I knew about her.She knows her body well and dresses accordingly.

6.Joslyn Dumas

The gorgeous Ghanaian is a known actress and presenter. she loves combining African prints and playing around with different colours.Am not yet comfortable enough to try colour blocking but when iam I'll be looking her way for inspiration.


Indian model/actress and Anil Kapoors daughter is one of Indias youngest and most influential people in the entertainment industry today. I wish I had more time and knowledge on how to merge pictures, I have quite a few post worthy pictures of her.


You guys need no intro here!THIS IS MY GIRL!!lol I love to imagine her as my sister in another life. I love rih-rhi ughh..She cannot sing,lets get that out of the way,she cant.but what she can do is DRESS UP!! she should have taken up designing/modelling or something along those lines.If I could raid someones wardrobe it would be rihannas...no doubt!


If I could change one thing about miss Washington,id make her smile more often. I think you guys will agree with me. anyway, I love her...she's a great actress,her dressing is always immaculate and sexy but modest lol I don't know if that makes any sense but that's how I can describe it.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a Victoria's secret model and recently turned actress ( transformers). I kinda hate her.She has insanely long legs,beautiful and She's currently dating my future husband Jason statham :( *tears* she's the type of girl who would look good in a potato sack! ughhh...

Thanks for passing by guys! love and light!