Hey everyone!! summer is almost gone here in India which means monsoon season is just around the conner! I cannot wait...living in an environment that is always 45 degrees and above is NEVER easy... I will never get used to the harsh Indian weather lol

So while I was doing my usual face book stalker rounds, I came across these beautiful pieces by my friend Kapasa Musonda. I've had her on my face book ever since I joined and iv watched her work from fashion school till now.

she plays around with a lot of textures and fabrics and most of her pieces are fun and wearable in bright bold colours! that alone gets an A+ from me because many Zambians are really safe and conservative dressers.we hardly ever experiment with different things so this is a breath of fresh air... I like! The name of her line is MANGISHI LOVE and "mangishi" in Zambian  vernacular means a piece of wire that is twisted and spun into something artistic (usually toy cars). Enjoy!!

And the beautiful designer herself!
love and light you guys! xoxo


Tiwonge 'Tiwi' Gondwe said...

this is the 1st time im seeing zambian fashion in this light. Where can i get the clothes from and how much would they cost?

Dee Dee said...

hi tiwonge! so sorry for the late response, i forgot to add that little detail but you can check all that here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mangishi-Love/276281285744554

thanks for visiting my blog!

shazz4life said...

I was so sad I missed her launching the line... Thankfully I am now back home and can not wait to see her next show...Always nice to follow a fellow Zambian, follow back if you like my blog. Stay blessed