Hey everyone!! summer is almost gone here in India which means monsoon season is just around the conner! I cannot wait...living in an environment that is always 45 degrees and above is NEVER easy... I will never get used to the harsh Indian weather lol

So while I was doing my usual face book stalker rounds, I came across these beautiful pieces by my friend Kapasa Musonda. I've had her on my face book ever since I joined and iv watched her work from fashion school till now.

she plays around with a lot of textures and fabrics and most of her pieces are fun and wearable in bright bold colours! that alone gets an A+ from me because many Zambians are really safe and conservative dressers.we hardly ever experiment with different things so this is a breath of fresh air... I like! The name of her line is MANGISHI LOVE and "mangishi" in Zambian  vernacular means a piece of wire that is twisted and spun into something artistic (usually toy cars). Enjoy!!

And the beautiful designer herself!
love and light you guys! xoxo