Happy new month everyone! I hope no one got April fooled like I did :/ I somehow ALWAYS fall for the pranks!

A lot has happened between my last post and this one.. am officially done with my under graduate studies (YAY), I moved out of my apartment and into a better,more spacious one, realized I cant change someone who isn't willing to change and still trying to decide whether or not staying in a relationship that makes me unhappy is worth it.

Am about 90% ready to make my move out of India now seeing as am done with my studies.Am applying for a masters in the UK so my love/hate relationship with India is about to come to an end. I will miss the place, that's for sure. I've discovered so much about myself while living alone,its been such an eye opener and if I could do it again I probably would.

If you go a few posts down you might remember me talking about being in a relationship?! yeah that....am not so sure I should be in one right now. I mean, maybe I could be in a relationship but not with the guy am dating. I never want to blame our differences  on our different cultures but mehnn.... cultural differences are enough to fuck up any relationship when there's a lack of understanding from both parties. I really shouldn't be going in on this because its my personal problem but what the heck! I need to ask a question. and please do not think am being biased or stereotypical in any way because am not... I just need someone else's opinion.
                           WHY DO NIGERIAN MEN THINK CHEATING IS OK? 0_0
I know not ALL Nigerian men cheat, of course not..but a very good percent of the ones I know see absolutely nothing wrong with having 3/4 gf's. I was having a heated conversation/argument with a good friend who happens to be Nigerian and he said..." my dear,it is in a Nigerian mans nature to cheat. our polygamous culture allows it so if you love your man you will pray for him and just bear it". mind =blown moment right there. icant comprehend but C'est la vie i guess :(

It could be because of all the stress and what not but I have really put on weight!! and its not the sexy type! LOL so I have decided to go on a diet and stick to it for as long as possible. im really not a fitness freak so i don't think joining a gym would do any good..id probably watch the membership expire while convincing myself I'll go tomorrow :D. the diet I've decided to  go with is the GM DIET. I'll probably make a post about it later but you can check it HERE . I think I can do that easily because India is a fruit & vegetable type of place anyway...if i walk down the street i know ill find more than 3 carts hauling fruits/veggies so yay!! *bbm dance*

ALSO....im gonna incorporate alot of tulsi green tea into the diet. believe it or not green tea does help with weight loss.Am a living testimony. I lost almost half my weight 2years ago because of green tea. the particular brand ive chosen is the tulsi type because its not too strong. 

I dont know how far I can go with it but I'll keep you in the loop!

love & kisses!


Fluffycutething said...

so how does this green tea work exactly?

do you take it before or after meals?

i'd appreciate any feedback pls!!

Nice blog by the way ;)

Dee Dee said...

hey!! thank you!

umm it can be taken as many times as you like...but if you are on a tight schedule then 1 cup in the morning & 1 at night is ok

1 + The One said...

Aww, not all Nigerian men cheat! To re-assure you, any man (irrespective of nationality) worth his salt will be decent enough to remain faithful in a relationship!
Good for you on the diet, hope it goes well.. Thanks for the green tea tip. even though I'm not sure if I will like it, I will certainly try it..
Another recommendation for dieting is to try as much as possible not to eat anything after 6pm except fruits when you feel like snacking.. (I'm trying it at the moment and it is definitely helping)
... And thanks for stopping by my blog hun :-) xxxx

Natural Nigerian said...

When you get an answer to the Nigerian question, please put it up, lol!

Myne Whitman said...

SMH at some of our Nigerian men. It is well.

All the best with the weight loss.

Dee Dee said...

@1+the one..thank u soo much 4 the encouragement.its true,I just have to hang in there and wait 4 a guy who's mentally ready.ohh eating after 6pm is 1 of the things I struggle with! I have 2 stop! I'll drop by more often! Thx a lot *hugs*

@natural nigerian...lol :D I sure will!

@ Myne...amen dear. And thank u! I love ur blog!