Seeing as we are about to end the year 2011,I though it would be a brilliant idea to highlight some of the over hyped trends this year! From the super sexy to the down right hilarious..I give you, 2011's over hyped!


I  never really understood the obsession ladies have/had with these 0_0 .I like to believe these pants originated in india *remember aladin?* because they were and still are everywhere. Sure, they are comfortable and laid back but they seem almost too laid back to be worn outside your house to me.


This trend has been around ever since the 16th century and was made popular by Queen elizabeth the 1st and immortalised by either Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn and many other world famous actresses. We get it. Red lips = power,sophistication, sex appeal..but NOT everyone can pull it off ladies! Iv peeped so many horrible red lips this year to last me a life time..find your shade of red people! There's chestnut,fuchsia,scarlet,crimson,burgundy,maroon etc! PLEASE! If ur still not sure then for the women of colour, RUBY WOO by M.A.C is your BEST FRIEND,it goes with just about any shade of black  there is,doesn't bleed & has staying power. Invest!    


You go to the club,to the mall, along the sidewalk, I guarantee that you will  see a chic rockin a body con dress/skirt! Like what is it? LOL! Brethren! Its almost offensive because you'll see chics of different shapes and sizes squeezing into something they have no business wearing. Uhh uhh (V_V) unless you have an hourglass figure,stay the fudge away from those.


In short, human hair! I don't know how or when the craze started but its almost the end of 2011 and its still alive and well! As someone who's been living in India for the past 5years,I have used this hair (no african extensions here!)  so much that I don't see  what all the fuss is about but hey,am not complaining! Am selling it and smiling all the way to the bank! *hit me up ladies lol*


Nicki Minaj... Nicki Minaj... Nicki Minaj! Funny how I was just talking about red lips up there..same applies here ladies! Please find your shade..PLEASE. Nicki does all that crazy makeup for stage performances yeah? I remember seeing a gorgeous girl at fashions nite out earlier this year,she had her hair,nails and lashes done, banging bod and a sexy dress..then she went and fucked it ALL up with her makeup. Why??? Smh


As an african lady, its always a challenge after 3weeks of installing a weave. I understand. We need to think of what next to do with our hair,relaxing?conditioning? braiding? Shaving? Anytime I see horrible hair I secretly blame  Rihanna. (V_V) its not normal to walk around with half of the hair in your head missing! Its just not! Unless you're some sort of artist its totally unacceptable behaviour *frown*


We need to carry stuff...hairbrush,lotion, sanitizers, makeup bag,book,flip flops (for those of us who live in heels cos we short and may get tired in the middle of being fabulous lol) BUT where do we draw the line?  You know your bag is too big when u can fit 2 outfits in it! Unless your going on a hunting trip, what's that for? I see babes hauling around hand luggage these days!  (•͡_ •͡. It aint cute!


I don't even know who's supposed to be responsible for these but whoever they are made a tragic mistake! The body con dress and skinny jeans are cousins... *side eye* and don't even get me started with the guys! They are colourful,groin hugging and uncomfortable as hell and seeing an overweight man wearing these all in the name of swag is just criminal. Nuff said folks.

Annoying doesn't even begin to describe this.Why are those things always hanging on someone's neck!?! Very annoying especially when you're in a gathering where loud music is playing.The hell are you listening to?

Hmm! Hmm! This ought to be the 1st one up there! I don't know anyone who doesn't own a BB.The phone isn't that great but RIM sure has one hell of a marketing team behind them!! The only special feature here could be BBM for most people,take that away and you have a regular smart phone.I'd pick the iphone over BB anyday though,maybe because I'm brand loyal or it could have something to do with the fact that the BB battery life sucks X_X

Did I forget something? Holla!

Love & sequins!


Che said...

LMAO. hehehehehehehehheeheheehehe. I don't rock the harem pants, cos I don't think i have the body for it. I just admire it on some people that it looks good on and move on. That lady didn't just include a zipper on her hair. OMG. ._. That is some crazy ish. The big bags come in handy oo when you have loads to carry around. I agree with you on the make up part. It's best to know the color that suits you and apply it well. Doesn't make sense to go about looking like those artistes that do theirs for the stage performance. LOL @ the beats by Dre. They are aspiring artistes na. They got to look the part.

P.S: Will be expecting some Indian hair as my Xmas present. ;-)

Have a groovy Xmas celebration.

Okeoghene said...

Hilarious post. Please tell me that is not a zipper in that girl's hair

loong said...

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MissPweddyface said...

OMG!, your post totally rocked, sweetie.

Especially the blackberry craze... In my area, everyone and their guard dog seem to own one and they have refused to stop bullying the BB-less peeps with their phone... na by force?

You have a really amazing blog which I'm following right now. I hope you'll return the gesture :)

Mine'z at http://misspweddyface.blogspot.com/