Hey everyone!! Having a great week so far I hope? am having fun!!

So a week or two ago, the lovely CHE awarded me with the "versatile blogger award" and I just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to CHE and everyone who passes by here. I know im very inconsistent but I always find a comment or two anyway and that's very nice ;D.

The rules of the awards are:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know.
Seeing as my blogging style is listing,this should be a breeze for me! here we go:

  •  I LOVE READING:  Reading is one of the 3 compulsory things my parents instilled in me and my 2 siblings from childhood.we always had a library in any house we lived in,and till date, the library still exists in Malaysia where my parents live. I cant imagine going 2months without reading! Its that serious!

  • I NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT EARPHONES: This can actually go 2 ways...my not leaving the house without earphone and my love for music.My love for music goes above and beyond.Ever since i received a walk-man( remember those?) for my 13th birthday my life has never been the same lol...my day seems dull if my ears aren't plugged in. The only time am not listening to music could be while in university,church and in the shower *wait till they start producing water proof ones* I have owned more than 4 different musical devices. I'm currently using the Ipod classic.

  • I'M A CHOCOHOLIC: My sweet tooth is legendary but I lean more towards chocolates. White chocolate,milk chocolate,semi sweet chocolate,bitter sweet or unsweetened chocolate... I love em all! I cant go a day without eating a bar of chocolate, I'm really trying to wean myself off but its really hard guys! iv been consuming eating the stuff since I could chew lol its a miracle iv never suffered from a toothache..yet *fingers crossed*

  • I HAVE A SHORT TEMPER: Very sad and im working on it because as people say, "your a lady ur supposed to be level headed" lol 

  • IM TERRIFIED OF HEIGHTS: Brethren! I cant even begin to explain this sickness. lol the medical term for this phobia is acrophobia I believe and mine must be one of the severe kind because its so bad I cant stand on a 2nd floor balcony. now heres the interesting part..am a frequent flyer!! LOL I found a simple yet effective way of countering this problem, I drink about 4 to 5 glasses of red wine before departure and am good. I'll will sleep my way through the entire flight, this backfired once though, I woke up in the middle of a 14hr flight *sigh* twasnt good....

  • I LOVE BABIES: the whole process of getting pregnant and giving birth is amazing and I cant wait to have my own. 3/4 max. but on the flip side....

  • I'M TERRIFIED OF LABOUR: LOL! I saw some youtube videos and i have been scared for life!! its not easy at ALL... i will fast and pray for a quick delivery,NOTHING is impossible with our lord.AMEN lol
there you have it! ahh,it was actually harder than I expected! im not used to talking about myself I guess. now since am still a newbie who comes here once in a while i don't know any new blogs BUT if you read this then consider yourself tagged by me. hows that? 



Che said...

You have really been MIA dear. Welcome back. hmmmm, you are lucky to still have all your teeth intact with your love for chocolate. I love them too, but with the extraction of 4 of my teeth and lots of refilling of holes, I'm taking it easy with them. I also love babies and pray for a really quick delivery :-). I love reading and listening to music too, but you sure do love them way more than I do. Hope to see you often here in blogsville.


HoneyDame said...

hahahaha... chocoholic toh badt!
I love babies too bu about labor, I dont even want to think about it now. It will happen when it does.....

Muse Origins said...

I love reading too. Having babies freaks me out though


Myne Whitman said...

The labor part scares me off too, but love the other bits. Thanks for sharing. :)