Yes yes yes! What a wonderful afternoon to blog! Lol its now 3:00pm in New Delhi India and yours truly hasn't slept a wink since yesterday. Am a true spartan babe (V_V) AND onto more important things..

10 things i hate about naija!

1) 419 : I don't think anyone needs an introduction here. I am generally not a judgemental person because only the spoon knows what's stirring in the pot,but this is something that just pulls at my heart strings. Its a sad thing because the minute someone hears "nigeria" they immediately think "scam/fraud"1st. I blame the lack of employment in the country and that's all I'm gonna say about this.


For a country that is part of the top 10 oil producing nations in the world, it is extremely hard to understand WHY there is a permanent electricity situation going on in nigeria. Where. Is. The. Electricity? I do not remember having more than 24hrs of stable NEPA electricity during my holiday. Everyone has a generator and the noise is one of the memories I have embedded in my memory. Sad sad thing really.



I have seen pretty horrible roads in nigeria..At first I thought it was the route we were taking to get to the highway,what I didn't know was THAT WAS the highway X_x. I travelled to edo state by road from lagos and it was 5 of the scariest hours of my life. I witnessed 3 accidents and I was saying a prayer under my breath all the while till we arrived.


Lord! How the citizens move on a daily basis is just beyond me. The traffic is a nightmare! If anyone can drive in Lagos I think they can drive anywhere else!


Ohh mehn! I don't even know where to start with this one. I have always hated the police,since childhood lol my visit to nigeria only intensified that hate. Can you imagine,on that highway/expressway from lagos to benin, we stopped almost a million times just to pay the police to allow us pass through their makeshift toll gates! Arghhh noo :(


They say,you can tell a lot about a country by its airport... I was kinda disappointed/surprised because there was no AC or any sort of cooling when I landed! And that's a major feature in any and all airports,domestic and international. Then as if that wasn't enough,I saw a middle aged woman fall off an escalator o_0. THEN I had to wait like 30minutes to get my luggage! Uhh that airport is just full of all sorts of drama!


Lol alright then! A few of my naija friends told me jokingly that Nigerian mosquitoes "use a straw to drink blood" lmfao is what I did and forgot about it till I went to hang out in ikeja with some friends at this restaurant/club called KingSize. It has an indoor/outdoor sitting arrangement so we all agreed to sit out and eat asun while watching the live band. MISTAKE NUMERO UNO! The place had flat stones,grass and a lil drainage where they kept fish (not a pond). Breeding ground!!! The suckers bit me so bad I had lil black spots covering my fabulous legs for a whole week :( am a believer now.


I really can't decide yet whether I wanna blame Hollywood or Nollywood for this but child..the way people are getting kidnapped in that place is serious O_0. From nollywood actors to the random business man its happening all too often! The scary part is I don't think the police are efficient and concerned enough to put a stop to it. 


It rained once or twice while I was in lagos. It wasn't pretty.

Possibly the only nigerian artist i really dont like..Lol maybe  am being a hater BUT I don't know why and how this guy stays relevant! He has no lyrics..at all... #thatisall

Well,Its now 3:30pm. Am feeling like going out for lunch,any takers? ;D



HoneyDame said...

The terry G part got me in hysterics....This is because so many times I ask myself what I like in the guy. I think he is one of those people who you either realy like or really dont like...you cant be in the middle...He doesnt really have lyrics vut he gat maddd rhythm..I am not aware of any of his songs which when it comes on anywhere, I dont move my body to the beat. And sometimes, that all that I actually need..

Dee Dee said...

honeydame: i know right?! his music is 100% club music..his lyrics are blahhh but the beats are always fire...cant hate on that

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

I loved your list but I think no 1 should be elected officials. The corruption is unbelievable

As for Terry G....ha ha! Give the boy a break. Some songs are best danced to - not listened to!

Dee Dee said...

N.I.L...oh yes! Corruption is a a problem all over africa I believe but I didn't put it up there even when I wanted to because iam not so current with the political situation in nigeria and as a visitor who stayed less than 2months I thought I should keep the list restricted to only the things I actually saw/went through. Thank u for passing by!

9jaFOODie said...

LOL @Terry G. hahah, wetin the guy do you?
well, I think if you take a closer look the problems are interwoven. they are issues in a lawless society, let us fix our political problem and i promise everything else will fall into place.

Myne Whitman said...

I've been checking for this list, lol. So on point, but I guess you only visited Lagos so some are quite specific to it. As for Terry G, I tried listening to his songs once, so crazy.

Dee Dee said...

9ja foodie: hahaha my dear I was trying to sing along to his songs untill my bf told me he's not saying anything..lol on a serious note,yes,I suppose all these would fall in place after the political aspect is corrected.

Mayne: ohhh am blushing now! :D unfortunately I didn't get to travel out of lagos except when I reached edo state :( so my list is kind of biased lol hopefully this december I'll go around a lot more

Che said...

The corruption level is something else. I HATE naija policemen with a passion. lemme not even go there.
I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award. Do check my blog for the details..:-)


Muse Origins said...

hahaha at Terry G. But for real, i hate all these things too *sigh*

Muse Origins

Dee Dee said...

che...u need to blog about why you hate them! am sure it would be a fuuny read! lol aww thank you...will check the award tho am not sure how to go about it!

muse...hahah yea?! thanks dear!

Che said...

The award thingy is quite easy. You can see the how-to on my blog. I might blog about our naija policemen later. Thanks dear.

Anonymous said...

my husband is nigerian and we moved to nigeria for a year and 4 month, MY GOD.... i just cant cope here... the system... the people... the are very agresive and rude. the road sooo bad,no electricity, come on..what kind of country is this... are u living in "dark era" or what??!! my Godness and the people.. they are so lazy and bad mouth, its like they just have to open their mouth anytime, for nothing! nuff said!

Unknown said...

I lived in Nigeria for about 10 years and I agree with you on the hates, but the people and culture, grows on you and I've come to miss it since we moved back to Zambia.


Dee Dee said...

anon....hey!! i kinda understand where you are coming from but YOU ARE NIGERIAN NOW so i think you would do well to get used to it and accept them and their way of life for what it is.theres both good and bad in every country so...

@one curator...i agree with you. i miss it and i wouldn't hesitate to go back. following your blog now :)

Anonymous said...

Hey DEE DEE. Are you still living in New Delhi? I'm Zambian and live around there.

Dee Dee said...

yes anon....am still in delhi

Anonymous said...

I went to Lagos once, I spent 2 days, during those 2 days, I witness 2 Accidents, had 30 hours of no electricity, 5 people tried to steal by bag, hmmmm, I just couldn't cope, and I had to leave on the third day