Hi everyone! having a great week I hope?my week so far has been AMAZING,its been good news after good news and am really thankful to God. He does come through when your faithful.

SO... because am the undisputed queen of procrastination, I completely put off updating  about 3 reasons why I heart the month of October,actually its 4 reasons but I'll speak of only 3 (V_V)

My sweet innocent daddy was born on the 24Th of October in 19somsom( don't even know how old he is...lol) and If i weren't so broke and busy with school i would have been on morning flight to Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia to celebrate with him and the rest of my family:( I know almost every girl out there thinks the world of her dad but mine is just the best. iv been close to him for as long as I can remember and at 23, hes still one of the 1st people i ran to for help.He is still my pillar of strength. For a man who isn't so loud and all over the place,he has really taught me alot about how to deal with life,people and myself. I pray God adds more years to his life.AMEN ;D

On the same day,24th October, my beloved country gained independence from the British in 1964,which makes Zambia 47 years old this year! Sometimes I wish  we had  let the British rule on for a little while longer,because if you see the infrastructure in countries that got independence quite later on like South Africa,Namibia and Angola to name a few,the difference is staggering! maybe my country would be economically better also had that been the case.But non the less,we got our independence and that's something to be proud of! its not easy to be 47! we have a long way to go as a country but one thing that makes me a proud Zambian is no matter how hard things get,we are never inclined to fighting/war. there has never been a civil war in Zambia,no tribal wars NOTHING. 1 Zambia 1 nation! #SALUTE

Finally, I expect you guys to know by now that I live in India 0_0... Anyway,every year in India,between mid October and mid November the Indians celebrate a festival called diwali or deepavali which means "rows of lamps" in Hindi and Sanskrit. This festival basically is about celebrating the triumph of good over evil by the lighting of small clay lamps (Diyas) which are filled with oil. Also,neighbours and friends exchange gifts (usually sweets) and wear new clothes on this day.Light overcomes darkness is the moral of this festival.It used to be limited to the lighting of diyas and candles until they discovered fireworks and crackers etc 0_0 I haven't slept a wink in the past 48hrs because of all the  noise and I wont be able to till tomorrow night at most. As much as I hate the noisy part of this festival I love watching the fireworks and lights and eating chocolate without feeling guilty is another added bonus LOL

I'll be back tomorrow to with my "STYLISH AND VERSATILE BLOG AWARD" that I received from Naija Bank Girl http://naijabankgirl.blogspot.com/ ! Thank you dear! its nice to know that even while am a sporadic visitor(am not a blogger yet hehe) you guys still read my silliness. cheers to you all and happy diwali!!



Yes yes yes! What a wonderful afternoon to blog! Lol its now 3:00pm in New Delhi India and yours truly hasn't slept a wink since yesterday. Am a true spartan babe (V_V) AND onto more important things..

10 things i hate about naija!

1) 419 : I don't think anyone needs an introduction here. I am generally not a judgemental person because only the spoon knows what's stirring in the pot,but this is something that just pulls at my heart strings. Its a sad thing because the minute someone hears "nigeria" they immediately think "scam/fraud"1st. I blame the lack of employment in the country and that's all I'm gonna say about this.


For a country that is part of the top 10 oil producing nations in the world, it is extremely hard to understand WHY there is a permanent electricity situation going on in nigeria. Where. Is. The. Electricity? I do not remember having more than 24hrs of stable NEPA electricity during my holiday. Everyone has a generator and the noise is one of the memories I have embedded in my memory. Sad sad thing really.



I have seen pretty horrible roads in nigeria..At first I thought it was the route we were taking to get to the highway,what I didn't know was THAT WAS the highway X_x. I travelled to edo state by road from lagos and it was 5 of the scariest hours of my life. I witnessed 3 accidents and I was saying a prayer under my breath all the while till we arrived.


Lord! How the citizens move on a daily basis is just beyond me. The traffic is a nightmare! If anyone can drive in Lagos I think they can drive anywhere else!


Ohh mehn! I don't even know where to start with this one. I have always hated the police,since childhood lol my visit to nigeria only intensified that hate. Can you imagine,on that highway/expressway from lagos to benin, we stopped almost a million times just to pay the police to allow us pass through their makeshift toll gates! Arghhh noo :(


They say,you can tell a lot about a country by its airport... I was kinda disappointed/surprised because there was no AC or any sort of cooling when I landed! And that's a major feature in any and all airports,domestic and international. Then as if that wasn't enough,I saw a middle aged woman fall off an escalator o_0. THEN I had to wait like 30minutes to get my luggage! Uhh that airport is just full of all sorts of drama!


Lol alright then! A few of my naija friends told me jokingly that Nigerian mosquitoes "use a straw to drink blood" lmfao is what I did and forgot about it till I went to hang out in ikeja with some friends at this restaurant/club called KingSize. It has an indoor/outdoor sitting arrangement so we all agreed to sit out and eat asun while watching the live band. MISTAKE NUMERO UNO! The place had flat stones,grass and a lil drainage where they kept fish (not a pond). Breeding ground!!! The suckers bit me so bad I had lil black spots covering my fabulous legs for a whole week :( am a believer now.


I really can't decide yet whether I wanna blame Hollywood or Nollywood for this but child..the way people are getting kidnapped in that place is serious O_0. From nollywood actors to the random business man its happening all too often! The scary part is I don't think the police are efficient and concerned enough to put a stop to it. 


It rained once or twice while I was in lagos. It wasn't pretty.

Possibly the only nigerian artist i really dont like..Lol maybe  am being a hater BUT I don't know why and how this guy stays relevant! He has no lyrics..at all... #thatisall

Well,Its now 3:30pm. Am feeling like going out for lunch,any takers? ;D