It has been an overwhelming and exciting 2 months.As i earlier mentioned, my boyfriends young sister was about to get married and i happened to be maid of honor so i was planning my holiday allthis time i was MIA. NOW...in between shopping for the wedding outfits and  lectures,there was the horror of getting a Nigerian visa!  OMG! and am talking only about the process for starters! 1st i had to fill out a form online...then make an appointment with 1 diplomat at 12:00...then hand in my passport and make another appointment for an interview..shioooo! in my mind i was like "niggas i was there only 7months ago..just gimme d tin lemme go nau"! so fast forward to 4pm the same day..after lots of waiting and being starred up and down by the rude receptionist..i was given the visa THE SAME DAY!!!

So 2weeks later, iam on board emirates and off to dubai where i would spend the next 7hours waiting for my next flight to lagos! i slept all though it and was in MM airport in no time.The 1st thing that hit me though was the HEAT in that airport...aren't airports supposed to be well air conditioned and fabulous? and don't get me started with the baggage claim!anyway there i was with no makeup...shaggy hair and alot of butterflies in my tummy! THIS IS THE 1ST TIME AM IN NIGERIA WITHOUT MY BOYFRIEND OR FAMILY!

So my "in law" spotted me and we cruised off to the island through the nightmare which is Lagos traffic (which i love by the way because all i can see is African people hehe). i stayed on both the mainland in ikeja if am not mistaken and on the island at *cant remember sowi* for a total of 2weeks then on the 1st day of the 3rd week we were off to EDO STATE, EKPOMA where my boyfriend grew up and where his whole family is located still. this time i wasn't so much a fish outta water because last year i was in ekpoma and i stayed there for almost a month,which was cool. ANYWAY....am totally digressing from the point of this post( u can see i have so much to say about my trip huh)...without further ado..lemme jump into the 10 things that i love about 9ja!!!


lordy lord! i don't know if y'all appreciate or even notice how much Nigerian music is blowing up within and even outside the continent yo!! its crazy because even if i dont get the language the beat is enough to make me bust a move!! i love wizkid,naetoc,MI,jessejagz, d'banj,wande cole etc  i can go onnnnnnn!


  I have a love hate relationship with nollywood movies but i cant help but mention them here because of the drama,unnecessary shouting,the plots,the sometimes weird makeup and wardrobe the cast has on and more recently added...THE SEX SCENES.there is improvement! that only goes to show that they are really serious about taking the acting to a more serious level and i dont see why people are always up in arms because of this...smh...


OK FOLKS....i come from the southern part of africa and lemme just tell you now,we are like oyibo people and am not even proud *covers my head*. we can eat a fried piece of chicken and chips and call it a meal.am serious 0_o. we do have some local dishes but they are also as simple as simple gets...nothing that jumps out to you when you eat it..heck! we dont even use alot of spices! *covers head in shame* so TRUST ME when i say nigerian food is the business! from egusi to ogbono to the jollof rice pepe soup etc...ahhh hunger is even catching me just writing about this! :D


once again....una no go understand why i like this but allow me to elaborate. That ride is too much fun! the wind blowing through my weave lol i feel like am acting out some kind of romcom where am in a rush to stop the love of my life from boarding the next flight out of the country but there's no taxi in sight so i ask a good Samaritan who happens to be on an okada to drive me to the airport!! hehehehehe yes boss...i love those bad boys! maybe its because we don't have bikes as a means of public transport in my country  IDK..


I dunno about other states of Nigeria but i noticed that there's a joint almost everywhere in Lagos! its like Lagos people really love to kick back a whole lot! i thought it was nice though!!


Anyone who knows me knows i love clubbing...fine,i may not dance all through the night but i do enjoy myself when i go out! LAGOS...AHHH....so many clubs! its like leaving a kid in a candy store...i really didnt know what to do with myself again lol! i went to GROTTO on the island....i went to REHAB...i went to BLACK PEARL...i went to PLANET 44. i went to BUCCHUS..i went to ATLANTIC NITECLUB...ok lemme stop here b4 some1 calls me a club girl :D supper fun!!


I know this comes under food still but i had to make another category for it just because i was told that this particular food is 9ja's very own version of fast food! i was like 0_0 i thought fast food is something like chicken and chips or fish and chips etc you know,the kfc MacDonald's type of food...my guide in a very heavy accent was like "dis na 9ja fast food my dia! in fact its sweeter than kfc abi na kcf ahn ahn! lol its cool! so you can just stroll down the road and buy a full lunch and put it on a plate en serve your hubby if your a lazy wife right?! lol no mind me abeg ohhhh i also made another discovery...apparently in naija "sweet" means very nice!! i was wondering when people where telling me "you look sweet oo" in my head now i was like" dont try and lick me just to make sure"! lol *shame*


Oh yes...i know there are a whole lot of places where pidgin is spoken like there's Scottish,Thai,Samoan,Togolese,Ghanian pidgin but there's just something about the Nigerian version that is RAW...LOL i dunno how to describe it really! it sounds sexy sometimes rough...you can easily think 2 Nigerian people are arguing if you don't pay attention to what what they are saying lol its very cool...probably again..because there is nothing like that back home? IDK...


Nigeria is a huge country.not only geographically but demographically too..according to Wikipedia *smile* there are more than 158.3 million people in Nigeria and that was done in 2010! so of course there's gonna be alot of tribes,different ways of living ,dialects and accents! that's amazing for me because Zambia is small and is a mare 11 million people as of 2010! u see? in Zambia if you know the basic 2 languages that are NYANJA AND BEMBA you are set..you can go to the north,east,west or south and you will never find a language barrier! we are that small...lol i love diversity!


Last but definitely not the least, i love the beach...*sigh* AGAIN...Zambia is a landlocked country so we do not have natural beaches..and iam such a water person...i love pools/beaches and anything that involves getting wet basically lol so being in Nigeria was such a treat! i went to bar beach,Lekki Beach and oheru *sp private beach only because of lack of time.i wanted to visit more but couldn't :( ohh and WHY DON'T PEOPLE WEAR BIKINIS TO THE BEACH? 0_o i almost embarrassed myself if a tiny 2 piece! luckily i had my kaftan in my carry on so i promptly covered up!

THERE YOU HAVE IT MY PEOPLES!! i will be back very shortly with the 10 things about Nigeria that i hate...*evil laugh* until then!!



9jaFOODie said...

Great list... I miss home :( :(

Myne Whitman said...

This made me miss naija, lol. Look forward to the other side. :)

Dee Dee said...

9ja foodie...awww...u need to plan a holiday soon! It was so much fun!

Myne...really? Wow that means my observations were accurate! Yay! I will post the other 1 soon!

Muse Origins said...

Great list! You hit the spot :D

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Muse Origins

Che said...

Glad to know you like lots of things about naija.

Unknown said...

Interesting list :)

I love Nigeria, that's my second home, every major person in my life I met there (went there when I was like 7 and left when I was in my last year of high school)... but Nigeria is the bomb, I almost feel the good out ways the bad, God was fortunate for me to enjoy the good side of Nigeria above everything.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I was googling articles on Nigeria and came across your blog! Like you I am Zambian, I say give me Zambia any day! Sorry, we have more order and systems in place just IMO