hey everyone! hows it going? lovely start of the week I hope?the weather here is horrible,hot,humid and dusty all at once but thank God!

Today I wanna show you a small and underestimated  town in Zambia called siavonga (si.ya.vonga).siavonga is a town in the southern province of Zambia, lying on the north shore of one of the biggest man made lakes in the country (lake kariba). It is Zambia's principal tourism centre for the lake, with accommodation, boating and fishing tours on offer.. I remember going to the place almost every summer break we had during my high school days and it was so much fun!! I attended an all girls school,so we would book a whole motel or bed& breakfast for all the girls and have all sorts of fun activities lined up..*great! now am nostalgic* lol enjoy the pictures!

i need a cocktail! sigh! 



HAPPY SUNDAY! am putting this up as a reminder for myself & for anyone out there who needs encouragement in whatever aspect of your life that seems difficult.keep calm and carry on!! 



hey everyone! Hope its not too late to say happy new month :D..hope everyone one out there's good..am great!!

So, earlier on today I logged into Facebook and quickly started the usual process of going through my boring home page till I set my eyes on a very interesting  status...WHY DO MEN LOVE BITCHES?? This simple question attracted more than 150 comments and TRUST,it was a really heated debate.After further observation, I discovered this status came about after my friend finished reading the infamous series by Shelly argov..*yea its a book!*0_o

Basically, this book tells all ladies out there why they need to shed off the good girl tag in order to  keep a man interested in you for as long as possible or even take it to the next level because men secretly respect men who are aggressive, confident and have a mind of their own...again 0_0

What is it with all these "get a man" manuals??

I dunno, I might be too old fashioned or something but I was brought up to believe the man is the one whose supposed to be doing all the stressing stuff of wooing/toasting a girl and keeping her interested! right? but with the number of self help books like these on the rise im beginning to doubt my mother lol .There are at least 5 good reasons I can think of that would cause this book to flop in Africa *chuckles*

1.African men have egos the size of Texas!
I dont know where your from but you have to agree with me here! if you keep playing hard to get he will bawl out!simple! it has nothing to do with chasing you either...they just have that "onto the next one" attitude.
2.African men are not patient!
 Please forgive the generalizations but you catch my drift no? They cannot wait for anything unless A) he really loves you B)he really loves you C)he really loves you!
3.African men stay having options!
self explanatory thing here...
4. African men are too busy for that s**t !
yep...busy making money,busy trying to out do each other...busy trying to upgrade etc
5.African men are always looking for a good girl!
contrary to popular belief,they do actually wanna marry a good girl AKA wife material type of babe...meanwhile they will still chase after bitches and probably make 1 of em his mistress lol

Has anyone read it?any real stuff inside??share with a sister please!

Boredom during the day is a very bad thing 0_o