But please bear with me *sad face*. iv had a million and one things to do on my plate for the past 3 weeks and am nowhere near done...i really cannot wait till graduation! my social life is closely bordering zero these days...

SOOO....I have a close friend whose been dating some guy for close to 9 months now.the guy is a typical douche bag and the girl is head over heels in love with him.On a normal day,I don't usually poke my nose in other peoples  business because thats not sexy  but I made an exception in this case because I recently found out HE HITS HER! The man gives this girl serious WWE beat down sessions and she always takes him back!!

Last week I was over at her house for the weekend and we were having fun yo!drinks,movies food and gossip.Her phone rings,she frowns and picks up and I know immediately he must be the one on the other end of the line because nigga stays checking on her every 5 5mins because he thinks shes cheating! she quickly explains shes home with her girls and will call him later because she didn't wanna miss the show we had playing ( DEXTER,iheart this TV series).
She hang up and rejoined us.Little did we know her bf is throwing a pissy fit because she "discharged" him.He gets on a cab,gets to her house and demands to know who shes with in the house.The argument ensues and next thing we know...HES PUNCHING HER!! I was like OMG... I stood there for a good 5mins before I went over and gave him a dirty slap and called the guards who called the police! she went to the hospital with a split lip,bruised arms and legs,body pains and a bleeding nose.

Fast forward to last week,I go over to her house to see how shes doing and lo and behold! shes giggling away on the phone with the very same man who put her in that sorry state! I tire o.

Thats a really edited version of what happened but what I really want to ask is is abuse addictive or something? I cannot imagine myself going back to a man who abuses me physically,emotionally etc I just cant...and am finding it very difficult to hide how much i detest her bf. she wont listen to anyone....should I mind my business?


9jaFOODie said...

OMG sounds like something out of a movie. love is such a stupid phenomenon, I really don't understand why anyone will stay in an abusive relationship. so sad

Dee Dee said...

if it wasn't so sad it would have been really funny...pure nonsense if u ask me!

Madame Sting said...

I like u. Thanks for giving him the dirty slap. I think u should talk TRY to talk sense into ur friend's head and don't hide how u feel about the guy. The sad thing is, i doubt she will listen to u. She won't leave until she's ready (or dead). I don't think being abused is addictive. I think there's a lot more to it than that.

She needs to understand that he will never change. I don't think she gets that. Maybe she think since he's so possessive and jealous, he must love her very much or she has self esteem issues and doesn't think she can get another guy. I have no clue.

The Corner Shop said...

WOW!!! I think abuse IS addictive, but it takes a certain kind of personality to put up with it, one of low self esteem. Your friend is not the first, and she won't be the last


HoneyDame said...

Uhm, very difficult situation. I think Madam Sting is right. She probably will be in denial. Hoepfully, sometime before it is too late, she will realise that she is setting herself up for failure with that man

Mena UkodoisReady said...

The heart is not so smart

Be there for your friend, but dont get tooinvolved before they both turn against you.

There are some things people just have to learn all by themselves


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