So... am currently living & studying in Asia, India to be precise.iv been here for more like 4years now and I have to say, I have a love/hate relationship going on with this country, every time I leave and go on holiday back home or in Malaysia(where my family is BTW) I find myself missing it!so I decided to blog about it... 1 thing y'all have to understand is i cant just talk on and on about it,you'll need to SEE it so this post will be picture heavy ;)



There’s never a dull moment in India. Wherever you look, at all times of day or night, you will see something that surprises you, confuses you, or amuses you.;D

2.   COLOUR 
India is a photographer’s dream.  The spices, the dyes, and the beautiful saris mean that you’ll definitely need to take more memory cards than you anticipated needing.


The variety,colour and devotion involved in India's kaleidoscope of religion is fascinating and mesmerising.

First thing that comes to mind when you mention Indian food would probably be CURRY/SPICY/SAMOOSA lol anyway am really not into Indian food but i do appreciate the variety they have!

Just as you would expect,an Indian wedding is laced with all sorts of traditional stuff its amazing to watch! oh and quick fact, red is the theme of many an Indian wedding  because it symbolizes prosperity and good fortune! they also  use mehendi (henna tattoos) on the palms and feet of the bride to symbolize the deepening of the love between husband and wife(when the henna is applied its not as dark as it is when its dry=may the love deepen as time goes by)


Of course there are modern buildings in India but India has this feel of modern VS ancient when it comes to the environment...its almost like your living in two different worlds!


Most Indian women are dressed to the nines y'all ! they aint playing....they step out with a face full of make up but the thing that gets me is the make up...its so Arabic looking its fantastic*am a closet make up artist so excuse my excitement* lol


As we all know, Indians LOVE their business and we are here to help them make it flourish lol thrifting is sooo fun in India because not only can you find an authentic designer piece...they have markets all over the friggin place! there are high end and street shopping malls all over the place!! and i happen to love em #DONTJUDGEME


Last but definitely not the least i love festivals..even if I don't participate it means no university for me yay!! lol and there are ALOT of festivals in India, don't even get me started but the pics below show 2 festivals 1) HOLI- the festival of colour(goggle cos am really too tired to explain guys) and 2) DIWALI- very common holiday this,the festival of lights

There you have it people! 10 things i like about India...will be back with 10 things i hate about India soonest!much love!!


The Corner Shop said...

WoW!! Look at all that color. It sounds like a really interesting, busy, and colorful place. Would so love to visit


9jaFOODie said...

OMG OMG OMG.... which city do you live in? can you be our tour guide.lol. I am thinking of visiting Indian in December. not quiet sure what city yet thou. Looks so beautiful!

Dee Dee said...

TCS...it is my dear! its like a lost world...you should definitely come for a visit! you'll enjoy yourself.

9ja...i live in the capital,new delhi..of course i wud luv to b ur guide,il even do it for free sef...il give you a few recommendations\ of where to visit if you are really coming...better come b4 dec cos i might be in 9ja wit my bf* moonwalking*

HoneyDame said...

deng, I have always had this thing for Indians! I really have to go there at least once in my lifetime....* lost in projection**

uhm!!!! someone cant wait till dec. yeah?

Dee Dee said...

honey..u should! its one hell of an intriguing place..but wait for part 2 of this post...maybe ul think otherwise ;D

Anonymous said...

The reason i love indian films is the rich display of colours esp in their dressing...stunning!

The brides?..so beautiful!

The festivals..so interesting.

Dee Dee said...

ibhade...very true! they love colour and shiny things!! its funny bcos some of us were taught that shiny clothes are meant to b wore mostly at night so u can imagine the laughs i get lol

9jaFOODie said...

hooooo... c as u dey rub 9ja for my face.. hennn.lol...*sad face*. no 9ja for me for a while :(
awwww..so so thoughtful of you, I will definitely update you once we have a solid plan.