Umm in as much as I like India and all,it has A LOT some down sides that I really hate!!so this is now all about the 10 things I hate about India...lol I might even go past ten sef *smile*


 Begging is huge here. They come out into traffic to knock on your window. The children try to hold your hand as you walk down the street. Some will actually try to block your car door as you are getting in so that you can't get in until you have given them money. And if you do give them something you had better run. Every beggar within 100 yards will be on you in a flash. Don't even think about turning them down after you gave to someone else. And, it had better be the same amount or more or you will have some very angry beggars.


How I miss drinking from the tap! How great it would be to shower and not worry if some water seeps into your mouth. How fabulous to rinse your toothbrush out in running sink water instead of bottled. All this because of the high rates of typhoid in India...most foreigners are advised to drink bottled water :( and iv been here for some 4yrs...i use 2 boxes of  water each week...each box has 12 bottles...in 1 year that's...*do the math* lol


It seems that a lot of Indian sweets and desserts are based on curdled milk. I am not kidding. Frankly, they are just plain nasty. Seriously how does one come to the decision that balling up a lump of curdled milk and pouring syrup over it will be a good thing? * I know no ones forcing me to eat * but there are holidays where gifts and SWEETS r given to neighbours as a sign of good will en blah blah... y'all need to taste those things to know what I mean! eww..

4. COWS!
 OMG...guys i don't even know where to start from on this...like, in India cows are untouchable yo,they do whatever they want...whenever they want to! serious!! I wont even go into explaining about how the cow is a sacred animal in India because that would be too long and zzzz...but they are and in order for you to understand why,you would have to be familiar with Hinduism. PS...WE DON'T HAVE BEEF OVER HERE..*shoot me now* :(

my people.. I just tire *sigh* Anyone can spit unceremoniously in India..your driver, your well-groomed colleague ANYONE!! and they do it anyhow,you'll just see one correct looking guy rolling down the window of his clean ride,in my mind now il be thinking "umm hes feeling the girl" then all of a sudden..PSSHHH!!! He spits out a gob of brownish yellow tobacco that hes been chewing for God knows how long and i just vomit a lil in my mouth en look away lol am sowi for being so graphic but this irks me out the most!! I swear,iv never seen so much spit in my whole life... I actually developed an unconscious habit of looking where I step as I walk when am outside...its THAT BAD....this is not to mention the other unspeakable things these people do even while in public...haha this must be my greatest hate judging by how long i took to write it..lol

mehnn...if there's one thing Indians know how to do is frustrate someone with their procedures and protocols! in every single thing you do there will be a procedure involved,paperwork, phone calls to make....AH AH?! *FROWN* even simple buying of a sim card my dear people,you must first bring passport sized photo,a photo copy of your passport and valid visa page...fill out the forms...wait for an hour till the sim is activated!! by the time its activated you'll be like 0_o lol seriously people....its like that with almost about EVERYTHING! tsk

ehen...for all those of you planning a trip to India lemme give you a lil heads up 1St. As soon as you touch down at Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi) or  BIA (Mumbai) or wherever the hell you land from...get ready to to stared at by each and every set of eyes within the next 10,000km lol people... Indians are hella curious!! they wanna see everything going on on your body,with your hair,your outfit...EVERY SINGLE MOLECULE WILL BE EXAMINED! and this would be a normal thing if we were talking about 4-5year olds but nooo...ALLL of em are the same and the elders are much worse!! its very annoying...sometimes they point and laugh too :(

LOL OK am just being a hater here...but I really don't need such pressure in my life!! i have bad hair days almost every other day and its frustrating to step outside and see a whole bunch of dirty looking babes with gorgeous hair...hair they haven't even styled or anything...yet it still looks amazingly gorgeous! is it too much to ask for nice hair???!!! HUH  UNIVERSE?! 

9. After Rain Smell 

 You know how it always smells so good after it rains? Not here. Here when you walk outside after a good rain, it just smells like wet garbage. I had no idea this would effect me emotionally, but I really miss that smell.


This definitely should have been way up there...we all know that racism is alive and kicking all over the world.but you know,all over the world people make the effort to at least hide it,albeit subtly...in this case, India wouldn't be part of the world because over here you can see it...feel it..hear it and even smell it!! this is probably caused by their caste system issues way back when but best believe,they carried over that sad mentality to the 21St century! there are HOTELS that don't allow anyone black...clubs, restaurants,book stores etc. AND as if that wasn't enough...they discriminate! among Africans Nigerians suffer a lot of this because according to Indian Nigeria=419=bad.. I wish there was a way to change their perspective about this because not every one can be bad yea...even back home in Zambia,most of our men are known to be wimps but its not and cant be all of them who are....sad thing I tell you ohh and am totally #TEAMNIGERIA all day everyday niggas lol

cheers darlins!



HoneyDame said...

Ewwwwww!!! suucessful try at thwarting my India trip plans!!!
that's so eewwwwwish!!!

The Corner Shop said...

Ohoh! That racism bit is not cool! And smells like garbage? how dirty is that place? The begging one makes me think of Slumdog Millionaire


Anonymous said...

*jaw drop*!

how did i miss this post?

racism in indian?..now that is news when we treat them well in 9ja!

i know about the cows & sweets..too much indian films..hehehe.


staring?..very uncomfortable.

now off to read your likes.

interesting post.

Dee Dee said...

honey...haha i know right?! but after a while you hardly notice...fml

TCS....i know :( thats the one that REALLY affects me...in my country we even have indian members of parliament and all that so its really a wtf situ...

9jaFOODie said...

really? Racism? I have heard abt the whole dark skinned vs light skinned business, I didn't know it was that bad thou.... that's just sad.
lol@ dirty girls with gorgeous hair...hahah..unfair!

Naijamum said...

I love this post
I stumbled across your blog - from Ibhade's and I'm loving your posts
Well done!

Dee Dee said...

9ja....the dark skin vs light skin is very serious and real! if your looking for a place to buy real bleaching products.. India is the place lol

naijamum...thank you very much!! i just started and am already having trouble keeping up,will post more! stay blessed!

Nice Anon said...

I've watched bollywood long enough to know that the caste system is very real. They don't play at ALL.
I've always wanted to visit India and I hope to in the future.

I've always wanted to try the sweets sha. maybe when I hit London I'll try it and see what it is like.

kitkat said...

eeew India eeeeew!

Mena UkodoisReady said...

I know about their caste system and its the one reason I will never ever go there.

I also notice how they feel like the fat cats in Nigeria, treated like oyibo gods and imagine how my people are treatted in their land.

Very irritating and senseless scheme, that caste thing! The darker you are, the more worthless. pscheuiw!