Seeing as we are about to end the year 2011,I though it would be a brilliant idea to highlight some of the over hyped trends this year! From the super sexy to the down right hilarious..I give you, 2011's over hyped!


I  never really understood the obsession ladies have/had with these 0_0 .I like to believe these pants originated in india *remember aladin?* because they were and still are everywhere. Sure, they are comfortable and laid back but they seem almost too laid back to be worn outside your house to me.


This trend has been around ever since the 16th century and was made popular by Queen elizabeth the 1st and immortalised by either Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn and many other world famous actresses. We get it. Red lips = power,sophistication, sex appeal..but NOT everyone can pull it off ladies! Iv peeped so many horrible red lips this year to last me a life time..find your shade of red people! There's chestnut,fuchsia,scarlet,crimson,burgundy,maroon etc! PLEASE! If ur still not sure then for the women of colour, RUBY WOO by M.A.C is your BEST FRIEND,it goes with just about any shade of black  there is,doesn't bleed & has staying power. Invest!    


You go to the club,to the mall, along the sidewalk, I guarantee that you will  see a chic rockin a body con dress/skirt! Like what is it? LOL! Brethren! Its almost offensive because you'll see chics of different shapes and sizes squeezing into something they have no business wearing. Uhh uhh (V_V) unless you have an hourglass figure,stay the fudge away from those.


In short, human hair! I don't know how or when the craze started but its almost the end of 2011 and its still alive and well! As someone who's been living in India for the past 5years,I have used this hair (no african extensions here!)  so much that I don't see  what all the fuss is about but hey,am not complaining! Am selling it and smiling all the way to the bank! *hit me up ladies lol*


Nicki Minaj... Nicki Minaj... Nicki Minaj! Funny how I was just talking about red lips up there..same applies here ladies! Please find your shade..PLEASE. Nicki does all that crazy makeup for stage performances yeah? I remember seeing a gorgeous girl at fashions nite out earlier this year,she had her hair,nails and lashes done, banging bod and a sexy dress..then she went and fucked it ALL up with her makeup. Why??? Smh


As an african lady, its always a challenge after 3weeks of installing a weave. I understand. We need to think of what next to do with our hair,relaxing?conditioning? braiding? Shaving? Anytime I see horrible hair I secretly blame  Rihanna. (V_V) its not normal to walk around with half of the hair in your head missing! Its just not! Unless you're some sort of artist its totally unacceptable behaviour *frown*


We need to carry stuff...hairbrush,lotion, sanitizers, makeup bag,book,flip flops (for those of us who live in heels cos we short and may get tired in the middle of being fabulous lol) BUT where do we draw the line?  You know your bag is too big when u can fit 2 outfits in it! Unless your going on a hunting trip, what's that for? I see babes hauling around hand luggage these days!  (•͡_ •͡. It aint cute!


I don't even know who's supposed to be responsible for these but whoever they are made a tragic mistake! The body con dress and skinny jeans are cousins... *side eye* and don't even get me started with the guys! They are colourful,groin hugging and uncomfortable as hell and seeing an overweight man wearing these all in the name of swag is just criminal. Nuff said folks.

Annoying doesn't even begin to describe this.Why are those things always hanging on someone's neck!?! Very annoying especially when you're in a gathering where loud music is playing.The hell are you listening to?

Hmm! Hmm! This ought to be the 1st one up there! I don't know anyone who doesn't own a BB.The phone isn't that great but RIM sure has one hell of a marketing team behind them!! The only special feature here could be BBM for most people,take that away and you have a regular smart phone.I'd pick the iphone over BB anyday though,maybe because I'm brand loyal or it could have something to do with the fact that the BB battery life sucks X_X

Did I forget something? Holla!

Love & sequins!



Hey everyone!! Having a great week so far I hope? am having fun!!

So a week or two ago, the lovely CHE awarded me with the "versatile blogger award" and I just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to CHE and everyone who passes by here. I know im very inconsistent but I always find a comment or two anyway and that's very nice ;D.

The rules of the awards are:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know.
Seeing as my blogging style is listing,this should be a breeze for me! here we go:

  •  I LOVE READING:  Reading is one of the 3 compulsory things my parents instilled in me and my 2 siblings from childhood.we always had a library in any house we lived in,and till date, the library still exists in Malaysia where my parents live. I cant imagine going 2months without reading! Its that serious!

  • I NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT EARPHONES: This can actually go 2 ways...my not leaving the house without earphone and my love for music.My love for music goes above and beyond.Ever since i received a walk-man( remember those?) for my 13th birthday my life has never been the same lol...my day seems dull if my ears aren't plugged in. The only time am not listening to music could be while in university,church and in the shower *wait till they start producing water proof ones* I have owned more than 4 different musical devices. I'm currently using the Ipod classic.

  • I'M A CHOCOHOLIC: My sweet tooth is legendary but I lean more towards chocolates. White chocolate,milk chocolate,semi sweet chocolate,bitter sweet or unsweetened chocolate... I love em all! I cant go a day without eating a bar of chocolate, I'm really trying to wean myself off but its really hard guys! iv been consuming eating the stuff since I could chew lol its a miracle iv never suffered from a toothache..yet *fingers crossed*

  • I HAVE A SHORT TEMPER: Very sad and im working on it because as people say, "your a lady ur supposed to be level headed" lol 

  • IM TERRIFIED OF HEIGHTS: Brethren! I cant even begin to explain this sickness. lol the medical term for this phobia is acrophobia I believe and mine must be one of the severe kind because its so bad I cant stand on a 2nd floor balcony. now heres the interesting part..am a frequent flyer!! LOL I found a simple yet effective way of countering this problem, I drink about 4 to 5 glasses of red wine before departure and am good. I'll will sleep my way through the entire flight, this backfired once though, I woke up in the middle of a 14hr flight *sigh* twasnt good....

  • I LOVE BABIES: the whole process of getting pregnant and giving birth is amazing and I cant wait to have my own. 3/4 max. but on the flip side....

  • I'M TERRIFIED OF LABOUR: LOL! I saw some youtube videos and i have been scared for life!! its not easy at ALL... i will fast and pray for a quick delivery,NOTHING is impossible with our lord.AMEN lol
there you have it! ahh,it was actually harder than I expected! im not used to talking about myself I guess. now since am still a newbie who comes here once in a while i don't know any new blogs BUT if you read this then consider yourself tagged by me. hows that? 




Hi everyone! having a great week I hope?my week so far has been AMAZING,its been good news after good news and am really thankful to God. He does come through when your faithful.

SO... because am the undisputed queen of procrastination, I completely put off updating  about 3 reasons why I heart the month of October,actually its 4 reasons but I'll speak of only 3 (V_V)

My sweet innocent daddy was born on the 24Th of October in 19somsom( don't even know how old he is...lol) and If i weren't so broke and busy with school i would have been on morning flight to Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia to celebrate with him and the rest of my family:( I know almost every girl out there thinks the world of her dad but mine is just the best. iv been close to him for as long as I can remember and at 23, hes still one of the 1st people i ran to for help.He is still my pillar of strength. For a man who isn't so loud and all over the place,he has really taught me alot about how to deal with life,people and myself. I pray God adds more years to his life.AMEN ;D

On the same day,24th October, my beloved country gained independence from the British in 1964,which makes Zambia 47 years old this year! Sometimes I wish  we had  let the British rule on for a little while longer,because if you see the infrastructure in countries that got independence quite later on like South Africa,Namibia and Angola to name a few,the difference is staggering! maybe my country would be economically better also had that been the case.But non the less,we got our independence and that's something to be proud of! its not easy to be 47! we have a long way to go as a country but one thing that makes me a proud Zambian is no matter how hard things get,we are never inclined to fighting/war. there has never been a civil war in Zambia,no tribal wars NOTHING. 1 Zambia 1 nation! #SALUTE

Finally, I expect you guys to know by now that I live in India 0_0... Anyway,every year in India,between mid October and mid November the Indians celebrate a festival called diwali or deepavali which means "rows of lamps" in Hindi and Sanskrit. This festival basically is about celebrating the triumph of good over evil by the lighting of small clay lamps (Diyas) which are filled with oil. Also,neighbours and friends exchange gifts (usually sweets) and wear new clothes on this day.Light overcomes darkness is the moral of this festival.It used to be limited to the lighting of diyas and candles until they discovered fireworks and crackers etc 0_0 I haven't slept a wink in the past 48hrs because of all the  noise and I wont be able to till tomorrow night at most. As much as I hate the noisy part of this festival I love watching the fireworks and lights and eating chocolate without feeling guilty is another added bonus LOL

I'll be back tomorrow to with my "STYLISH AND VERSATILE BLOG AWARD" that I received from Naija Bank Girl http://naijabankgirl.blogspot.com/ ! Thank you dear! its nice to know that even while am a sporadic visitor(am not a blogger yet hehe) you guys still read my silliness. cheers to you all and happy diwali!!



Yes yes yes! What a wonderful afternoon to blog! Lol its now 3:00pm in New Delhi India and yours truly hasn't slept a wink since yesterday. Am a true spartan babe (V_V) AND onto more important things..

10 things i hate about naija!

1) 419 : I don't think anyone needs an introduction here. I am generally not a judgemental person because only the spoon knows what's stirring in the pot,but this is something that just pulls at my heart strings. Its a sad thing because the minute someone hears "nigeria" they immediately think "scam/fraud"1st. I blame the lack of employment in the country and that's all I'm gonna say about this.


For a country that is part of the top 10 oil producing nations in the world, it is extremely hard to understand WHY there is a permanent electricity situation going on in nigeria. Where. Is. The. Electricity? I do not remember having more than 24hrs of stable NEPA electricity during my holiday. Everyone has a generator and the noise is one of the memories I have embedded in my memory. Sad sad thing really.



I have seen pretty horrible roads in nigeria..At first I thought it was the route we were taking to get to the highway,what I didn't know was THAT WAS the highway X_x. I travelled to edo state by road from lagos and it was 5 of the scariest hours of my life. I witnessed 3 accidents and I was saying a prayer under my breath all the while till we arrived.


Lord! How the citizens move on a daily basis is just beyond me. The traffic is a nightmare! If anyone can drive in Lagos I think they can drive anywhere else!


Ohh mehn! I don't even know where to start with this one. I have always hated the police,since childhood lol my visit to nigeria only intensified that hate. Can you imagine,on that highway/expressway from lagos to benin, we stopped almost a million times just to pay the police to allow us pass through their makeshift toll gates! Arghhh noo :(


They say,you can tell a lot about a country by its airport... I was kinda disappointed/surprised because there was no AC or any sort of cooling when I landed! And that's a major feature in any and all airports,domestic and international. Then as if that wasn't enough,I saw a middle aged woman fall off an escalator o_0. THEN I had to wait like 30minutes to get my luggage! Uhh that airport is just full of all sorts of drama!


Lol alright then! A few of my naija friends told me jokingly that Nigerian mosquitoes "use a straw to drink blood" lmfao is what I did and forgot about it till I went to hang out in ikeja with some friends at this restaurant/club called KingSize. It has an indoor/outdoor sitting arrangement so we all agreed to sit out and eat asun while watching the live band. MISTAKE NUMERO UNO! The place had flat stones,grass and a lil drainage where they kept fish (not a pond). Breeding ground!!! The suckers bit me so bad I had lil black spots covering my fabulous legs for a whole week :( am a believer now.


I really can't decide yet whether I wanna blame Hollywood or Nollywood for this but child..the way people are getting kidnapped in that place is serious O_0. From nollywood actors to the random business man its happening all too often! The scary part is I don't think the police are efficient and concerned enough to put a stop to it. 


It rained once or twice while I was in lagos. It wasn't pretty.

Possibly the only nigerian artist i really dont like..Lol maybe  am being a hater BUT I don't know why and how this guy stays relevant! He has no lyrics..at all... #thatisall

Well,Its now 3:30pm. Am feeling like going out for lunch,any takers? ;D




 It has been an overwhelming and exciting 2 months.As i earlier mentioned, my boyfriends young sister was about to get married and i happened to be maid of honor so i was planning my holiday allthis time i was MIA. NOW...in between shopping for the wedding outfits and  lectures,there was the horror of getting a Nigerian visa!  OMG! and am talking only about the process for starters! 1st i had to fill out a form online...then make an appointment with 1 diplomat at 12:00...then hand in my passport and make another appointment for an interview..shioooo! in my mind i was like "niggas i was there only 7months ago..just gimme d tin lemme go nau"! so fast forward to 4pm the same day..after lots of waiting and being starred up and down by the rude receptionist..i was given the visa THE SAME DAY!!!

So 2weeks later, iam on board emirates and off to dubai where i would spend the next 7hours waiting for my next flight to lagos! i slept all though it and was in MM airport in no time.The 1st thing that hit me though was the HEAT in that airport...aren't airports supposed to be well air conditioned and fabulous? and don't get me started with the baggage claim!anyway there i was with no makeup...shaggy hair and alot of butterflies in my tummy! THIS IS THE 1ST TIME AM IN NIGERIA WITHOUT MY BOYFRIEND OR FAMILY!

So my "in law" spotted me and we cruised off to the island through the nightmare which is Lagos traffic (which i love by the way because all i can see is African people hehe). i stayed on both the mainland in ikeja if am not mistaken and on the island at *cant remember sowi* for a total of 2weeks then on the 1st day of the 3rd week we were off to EDO STATE, EKPOMA where my boyfriend grew up and where his whole family is located still. this time i wasn't so much a fish outta water because last year i was in ekpoma and i stayed there for almost a month,which was cool. ANYWAY....am totally digressing from the point of this post( u can see i have so much to say about my trip huh)...without further ado..lemme jump into the 10 things that i love about 9ja!!!


lordy lord! i don't know if y'all appreciate or even notice how much Nigerian music is blowing up within and even outside the continent yo!! its crazy because even if i dont get the language the beat is enough to make me bust a move!! i love wizkid,naetoc,MI,jessejagz, d'banj,wande cole etc  i can go onnnnnnn!


  I have a love hate relationship with nollywood movies but i cant help but mention them here because of the drama,unnecessary shouting,the plots,the sometimes weird makeup and wardrobe the cast has on and more recently added...THE SEX SCENES.there is improvement! that only goes to show that they are really serious about taking the acting to a more serious level and i dont see why people are always up in arms because of this...smh...


OK FOLKS....i come from the southern part of africa and lemme just tell you now,we are like oyibo people and am not even proud *covers my head*. we can eat a fried piece of chicken and chips and call it a meal.am serious 0_o. we do have some local dishes but they are also as simple as simple gets...nothing that jumps out to you when you eat it..heck! we dont even use alot of spices! *covers head in shame* so TRUST ME when i say nigerian food is the business! from egusi to ogbono to the jollof rice pepe soup etc...ahhh hunger is even catching me just writing about this! :D


once again....una no go understand why i like this but allow me to elaborate. That ride is too much fun! the wind blowing through my weave lol i feel like am acting out some kind of romcom where am in a rush to stop the love of my life from boarding the next flight out of the country but there's no taxi in sight so i ask a good Samaritan who happens to be on an okada to drive me to the airport!! hehehehehe yes boss...i love those bad boys! maybe its because we don't have bikes as a means of public transport in my country  IDK..


I dunno about other states of Nigeria but i noticed that there's a joint almost everywhere in Lagos! its like Lagos people really love to kick back a whole lot! i thought it was nice though!!


Anyone who knows me knows i love clubbing...fine,i may not dance all through the night but i do enjoy myself when i go out! LAGOS...AHHH....so many clubs! its like leaving a kid in a candy store...i really didnt know what to do with myself again lol! i went to GROTTO on the island....i went to REHAB...i went to BLACK PEARL...i went to PLANET 44. i went to BUCCHUS..i went to ATLANTIC NITECLUB...ok lemme stop here b4 some1 calls me a club girl :D supper fun!!


I know this comes under food still but i had to make another category for it just because i was told that this particular food is 9ja's very own version of fast food! i was like 0_0 i thought fast food is something like chicken and chips or fish and chips etc you know,the kfc MacDonald's type of food...my guide in a very heavy accent was like "dis na 9ja fast food my dia! in fact its sweeter than kfc abi na kcf ahn ahn! lol its cool! so you can just stroll down the road and buy a full lunch and put it on a plate en serve your hubby if your a lazy wife right?! lol no mind me abeg ohhhh i also made another discovery...apparently in naija "sweet" means very nice!! i was wondering when people where telling me "you look sweet oo" in my head now i was like" dont try and lick me just to make sure"! lol *shame*


Oh yes...i know there are a whole lot of places where pidgin is spoken like there's Scottish,Thai,Samoan,Togolese,Ghanian pidgin but there's just something about the Nigerian version that is RAW...LOL i dunno how to describe it really! it sounds sexy sometimes rough...you can easily think 2 Nigerian people are arguing if you don't pay attention to what what they are saying lol its very cool...probably again..because there is nothing like that back home? IDK...


Nigeria is a huge country.not only geographically but demographically too..according to Wikipedia *smile* there are more than 158.3 million people in Nigeria and that was done in 2010! so of course there's gonna be alot of tribes,different ways of living ,dialects and accents! that's amazing for me because Zambia is small and is a mare 11 million people as of 2010! u see? in Zambia if you know the basic 2 languages that are NYANJA AND BEMBA you are set..you can go to the north,east,west or south and you will never find a language barrier! we are that small...lol i love diversity!


Last but definitely not the least, i love the beach...*sigh* AGAIN...Zambia is a landlocked country so we do not have natural beaches..and iam such a water person...i love pools/beaches and anything that involves getting wet basically lol so being in Nigeria was such a treat! i went to bar beach,Lekki Beach and oheru *sp private beach only because of lack of time.i wanted to visit more but couldn't :( ohh and WHY DON'T PEOPLE WEAR BIKINIS TO THE BEACH? 0_o i almost embarrassed myself if a tiny 2 piece! luckily i had my kaftan in my carry on so i promptly covered up!

THERE YOU HAVE IT MY PEOPLES!! i will be back very shortly with the 10 things about Nigeria that i hate...*evil laugh* until then!!




hey everyone! hows it going? lovely start of the week I hope?the weather here is horrible,hot,humid and dusty all at once but thank God!

Today I wanna show you a small and underestimated  town in Zambia called siavonga (si.ya.vonga).siavonga is a town in the southern province of Zambia, lying on the north shore of one of the biggest man made lakes in the country (lake kariba). It is Zambia's principal tourism centre for the lake, with accommodation, boating and fishing tours on offer.. I remember going to the place almost every summer break we had during my high school days and it was so much fun!! I attended an all girls school,so we would book a whole motel or bed& breakfast for all the girls and have all sorts of fun activities lined up..*great! now am nostalgic* lol enjoy the pictures!

i need a cocktail! sigh! 



HAPPY SUNDAY! am putting this up as a reminder for myself & for anyone out there who needs encouragement in whatever aspect of your life that seems difficult.keep calm and carry on!! 



hey everyone! Hope its not too late to say happy new month :D..hope everyone one out there's good..am great!!

So, earlier on today I logged into Facebook and quickly started the usual process of going through my boring home page till I set my eyes on a very interesting  status...WHY DO MEN LOVE BITCHES?? This simple question attracted more than 150 comments and TRUST,it was a really heated debate.After further observation, I discovered this status came about after my friend finished reading the infamous series by Shelly argov..*yea its a book!*0_o

Basically, this book tells all ladies out there why they need to shed off the good girl tag in order to  keep a man interested in you for as long as possible or even take it to the next level because men secretly respect men who are aggressive, confident and have a mind of their own...again 0_0

What is it with all these "get a man" manuals??

I dunno, I might be too old fashioned or something but I was brought up to believe the man is the one whose supposed to be doing all the stressing stuff of wooing/toasting a girl and keeping her interested! right? but with the number of self help books like these on the rise im beginning to doubt my mother lol .There are at least 5 good reasons I can think of that would cause this book to flop in Africa *chuckles*

1.African men have egos the size of Texas!
I dont know where your from but you have to agree with me here! if you keep playing hard to get he will bawl out!simple! it has nothing to do with chasing you either...they just have that "onto the next one" attitude.
2.African men are not patient!
 Please forgive the generalizations but you catch my drift no? They cannot wait for anything unless A) he really loves you B)he really loves you C)he really loves you!
3.African men stay having options!
self explanatory thing here...
4. African men are too busy for that s**t !
yep...busy making money,busy trying to out do each other...busy trying to upgrade etc
5.African men are always looking for a good girl!
contrary to popular belief,they do actually wanna marry a good girl AKA wife material type of babe...meanwhile they will still chase after bitches and probably make 1 of em his mistress lol

Has anyone read it?any real stuff inside??share with a sister please!

Boredom during the day is a very bad thing 0_o



But please bear with me *sad face*. iv had a million and one things to do on my plate for the past 3 weeks and am nowhere near done...i really cannot wait till graduation! my social life is closely bordering zero these days...

SOOO....I have a close friend whose been dating some guy for close to 9 months now.the guy is a typical douche bag and the girl is head over heels in love with him.On a normal day,I don't usually poke my nose in other peoples  business because thats not sexy  but I made an exception in this case because I recently found out HE HITS HER! The man gives this girl serious WWE beat down sessions and she always takes him back!!

Last week I was over at her house for the weekend and we were having fun yo!drinks,movies food and gossip.Her phone rings,she frowns and picks up and I know immediately he must be the one on the other end of the line because nigga stays checking on her every 5 5mins because he thinks shes cheating! she quickly explains shes home with her girls and will call him later because she didn't wanna miss the show we had playing ( DEXTER,iheart this TV series).
She hang up and rejoined us.Little did we know her bf is throwing a pissy fit because she "discharged" him.He gets on a cab,gets to her house and demands to know who shes with in the house.The argument ensues and next thing we know...HES PUNCHING HER!! I was like OMG... I stood there for a good 5mins before I went over and gave him a dirty slap and called the guards who called the police! she went to the hospital with a split lip,bruised arms and legs,body pains and a bleeding nose.

Fast forward to last week,I go over to her house to see how shes doing and lo and behold! shes giggling away on the phone with the very same man who put her in that sorry state! I tire o.

Thats a really edited version of what happened but what I really want to ask is is abuse addictive or something? I cannot imagine myself going back to a man who abuses me physically,emotionally etc I just cant...and am finding it very difficult to hide how much i detest her bf. she wont listen to anyone....should I mind my business?



Umm in as much as I like India and all,it has A LOT some down sides that I really hate!!so this is now all about the 10 things I hate about India...lol I might even go past ten sef *smile*


 Begging is huge here. They come out into traffic to knock on your window. The children try to hold your hand as you walk down the street. Some will actually try to block your car door as you are getting in so that you can't get in until you have given them money. And if you do give them something you had better run. Every beggar within 100 yards will be on you in a flash. Don't even think about turning them down after you gave to someone else. And, it had better be the same amount or more or you will have some very angry beggars.


How I miss drinking from the tap! How great it would be to shower and not worry if some water seeps into your mouth. How fabulous to rinse your toothbrush out in running sink water instead of bottled. All this because of the high rates of typhoid in India...most foreigners are advised to drink bottled water :( and iv been here for some 4yrs...i use 2 boxes of  water each week...each box has 12 bottles...in 1 year that's...*do the math* lol


It seems that a lot of Indian sweets and desserts are based on curdled milk. I am not kidding. Frankly, they are just plain nasty. Seriously how does one come to the decision that balling up a lump of curdled milk and pouring syrup over it will be a good thing? * I know no ones forcing me to eat * but there are holidays where gifts and SWEETS r given to neighbours as a sign of good will en blah blah... y'all need to taste those things to know what I mean! eww..

4. COWS!
 OMG...guys i don't even know where to start from on this...like, in India cows are untouchable yo,they do whatever they want...whenever they want to! serious!! I wont even go into explaining about how the cow is a sacred animal in India because that would be too long and zzzz...but they are and in order for you to understand why,you would have to be familiar with Hinduism. PS...WE DON'T HAVE BEEF OVER HERE..*shoot me now* :(

my people.. I just tire *sigh* Anyone can spit unceremoniously in India..your driver, your well-groomed colleague ANYONE!! and they do it anyhow,you'll just see one correct looking guy rolling down the window of his clean ride,in my mind now il be thinking "umm hes feeling the girl" then all of a sudden..PSSHHH!!! He spits out a gob of brownish yellow tobacco that hes been chewing for God knows how long and i just vomit a lil in my mouth en look away lol am sowi for being so graphic but this irks me out the most!! I swear,iv never seen so much spit in my whole life... I actually developed an unconscious habit of looking where I step as I walk when am outside...its THAT BAD....this is not to mention the other unspeakable things these people do even while in public...haha this must be my greatest hate judging by how long i took to write it..lol

mehnn...if there's one thing Indians know how to do is frustrate someone with their procedures and protocols! in every single thing you do there will be a procedure involved,paperwork, phone calls to make....AH AH?! *FROWN* even simple buying of a sim card my dear people,you must first bring passport sized photo,a photo copy of your passport and valid visa page...fill out the forms...wait for an hour till the sim is activated!! by the time its activated you'll be like 0_o lol seriously people....its like that with almost about EVERYTHING! tsk

ehen...for all those of you planning a trip to India lemme give you a lil heads up 1St. As soon as you touch down at Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi) or  BIA (Mumbai) or wherever the hell you land from...get ready to to stared at by each and every set of eyes within the next 10,000km lol people... Indians are hella curious!! they wanna see everything going on on your body,with your hair,your outfit...EVERY SINGLE MOLECULE WILL BE EXAMINED! and this would be a normal thing if we were talking about 4-5year olds but nooo...ALLL of em are the same and the elders are much worse!! its very annoying...sometimes they point and laugh too :(

LOL OK am just being a hater here...but I really don't need such pressure in my life!! i have bad hair days almost every other day and its frustrating to step outside and see a whole bunch of dirty looking babes with gorgeous hair...hair they haven't even styled or anything...yet it still looks amazingly gorgeous! is it too much to ask for nice hair???!!! HUH  UNIVERSE?! 

9. After Rain Smell 

 You know how it always smells so good after it rains? Not here. Here when you walk outside after a good rain, it just smells like wet garbage. I had no idea this would effect me emotionally, but I really miss that smell.


This definitely should have been way up there...we all know that racism is alive and kicking all over the world.but you know,all over the world people make the effort to at least hide it,albeit subtly...in this case, India wouldn't be part of the world because over here you can see it...feel it..hear it and even smell it!! this is probably caused by their caste system issues way back when but best believe,they carried over that sad mentality to the 21St century! there are HOTELS that don't allow anyone black...clubs, restaurants,book stores etc. AND as if that wasn't enough...they discriminate! among Africans Nigerians suffer a lot of this because according to Indian Nigeria=419=bad.. I wish there was a way to change their perspective about this because not every one can be bad yea...even back home in Zambia,most of our men are known to be wimps but its not and cant be all of them who are....sad thing I tell you ohh and am totally #TEAMNIGERIA all day everyday niggas lol

cheers darlins!