Weddings. Everyone loves them. So do I. Now I don't wanna sound like a hater or anything because God knows I do enjoy weddings. However, I have a few things that I could do without if I were to attend the perfect wedding. In no particular order, here we go!


everyone loves a funny, upbeat MC..,they keep the wedding reception alive and running smooth. It's all fun and games until "all the single ladies " starts blaring from the speakers and the MC starts with the "single girl" jokes. We are here to celebrate please. No extra pressure needed!


depending on what type of people you roll with, some couples decide on destination weddings which is sooo unfair if you ask me. That's sort of selfish to ask your friends and family to drop everything they have going on and cough up a certain amount of money just for a day!! If you are paying cool but...,


this doesn't apply to catholic weddings. If you happen to be attending a Pentecostal wedding ha! The marriage rites all of a sudden turn into a full blown preaching service that could go on for hours. The people are here to celebrate sir...


this is the time when your mothers uncles uncle introduces himself. Weddings and funerals are famous for these types of people. And they are usually the loudest, most fiesty people in a crowd.I feel like if I'm inviting people to witness the happiest day of my life, they should be my immediate family and good friends/colleagues. No gate crashers! 


Where do I start? These days these types of photos seem to be almost as important as the wedding
Gown! I have absolutely nothing against taking pictures...whatever floats your boat hey...but when I log onto Bella naija and see underwater photography all in the name of "engagement pics" then I know it's gone far enough.


I think am not the only one who's witnessed a wedding that's got fewer people at church but jam packed at the reception! So disrespectful to the couple! 


I remember the good old days when mom would go off to a wedding and return later with a huge slice of cake or a take away pack of snacks. I always looked forward to that. I feel like a wedding should ALWAYS have snacks...even if you have a 5 course meal. Snacks are the real wedding food and when they aren't on the menu I feel cheated.


Once again, unnecessary pressure on the women folk. I mean, woman have so much on their plates to contend with, let's not add marriage to the mix.It just doesn't make any sense to me. A woman isn't the one looking for a husband, the men should be the ones lining up to catch the damn flowers so they know what time it is. 


OMG.This is probably the one I hate the most. If as a soon to be bride,you feel like you have so much on your schedule and can't handle it all, why not hire a planner or to save money, delegate duties to your close friends and family instead of becoming a psychotic b*ch?! There is no excuse in the world that would justify bitchiness. No it's not nerves either.

10. COST

I think the whole essence of a wedding is kinda lost these days because everyone is trying to outdo the others. It's more of a carnival now, who wore the most expensive dress, who had the best ambiance, who had the most romantic  honeymoon etc etc and it's sickening. I blame Instagram and Bella naija. Lol. A wedding is a declaration before God and man, not a show. The extravagance I see is alarming. If you have the finances to go all out...sure! Knock yourself out. If you don't however, I pray you can keep up the facade throughout your marriage.



The competition is on again and the Zambian delegate this year is none other than miss Anita Ismail. Saw her pictures not too long ago and she's stunning. The gorgeous 23 year old was born and raised in lusaka. To know more and VOTE...go  HERE !



First of all,I just want to say that unemployment is such a horrible thing. Am currently hopping from one interview to the next and basically spend the rest of my free hours in front of my tele. I'm not big on watching Tele but for the past 3 months I believe I've watched every series,movie and documentary on DSTV ( gotta thank God for DSTV, they are saving lives in Africa lol) . I kinda have a few favorites but today im here to highlight the ones that blow. Every time I see any of these I immediately switch channels. This is MY opinion and I'll probably come off as uptight because I dislike them but...meh. Here are my 6 worst shows on tele right now!

I get the concept of the show but I think it's soooo wrong! On so many levels! I don't understand how the family of the deceased actually agree to do this. Could it be because the producers pay for the whole burial? So very wrong. If anyone did half of the things they do on this show to me I'd be doing backflips in my coffin.

was never a fan of their Disney show and am not impressed with this one either. I don't see the humor. They force it too much. And they have milked the whole "twins in Hollywood" bit to the last drop! Like, the only twins I can stomach are the olsens. Stop! It was kinda cute when they were kids but they need to do their thing individually now. Enough is enough! Where do I sign please -_-

Every time and I mean every single time I watch an episode, my mind screams CHILD ABUSE. I understand it's a competition and they have to adhere to a certain set of rules and regulations in order to be able to participate but I really feel like those kids will need professional help later in life. Lol all that makeup, diva behavior, materialism etc at such a young age can't be a good thing. Same goes for those stylish IG kids,but that's a topic for another day. Let kids be kids! Stop trying to live vicariously through your children.

 The good book in Matthew 7:11 tells us to judge not but I'm having a real difficult time not judging the couples on this show. The show has all the ingredients required for a reality show, drama, tears, problems, happiness, jealousy etc but aren't they all supposed to be focusing on sharing the word in their various churches? So very pointless. If I need drama all I need to do is look up any "real housewives of whatever" and am set. They tried to bring a religious aspect to reality TV but unfortunatly they crushed and burned.NEXT!

Speaking real wives of blah blah blah....Hollywood decided to give us another angle. I honestly blame such shows for the pussification of  these men. This is what is causing problems! Lol men...why are you proudly going around happily name dropping your wives names because they are famous?! Atrocious! I watched one episode and I was done.

If my memory serves me right,this child is a by product of the toddlers and tiaras show. See,this is what I meant when I said these kids would need some type of professional help later. The kid is not even 10 yet and she is so over the top and destructive! There's nothing amusing about her and her antics. If I ever had such a disrespectful child I would whip the madness out of her. I can't stand such dysfunctional families...lol I sound angry don't i?

Did I mention how much being unemployed sucks? Lol 




Happy weekend everyone! enjoying the festivities already i hope. i love December! everything about it spells happiness. new clothes,shopping,family,events plus thats the biggest way of knowing that God has truly blessed you among so many who passed on earlier. we thank God for the gift of life.

Now,i just want to give a quick shout out to all of the ladies who have mastered the art of contouring and highlighting (as evidenced by instagram,youtube etc). yall have it down to a tee! nowadays everyone looks so put together and fabulous with or without the aid of a makeup artist and the guys are complaining LOL! i don't get it! makeup is there to enhance our already beautiful faces and cover up our small flaws...its not like we are going under the knife or anything :(. guys stay complaining! while some of us do it for ourselves,others do it to impress you men out there so be happy if your woman is doing everything she can to look pretty for you. being a girl is hard lol.

Anyway, for those of us who are not so good with the whole concept of contouring,its basically meant to slim out some parts of the face or "bring out" some features. For example if you have a round face,what you want to do is make your cheeks appear a bit hollow and bring out our cheekbones...for those who arent comfortable with their forehead,nose,neck etc there are solutions for you too. this trick has been used for years in pro makeup but I THINK Kim k is the celeb who actually started this contouring madness a few years ago. thank you kimmy :D here are some photos she released on her IG some time ago showing how to achieve this look on your own. For a more detailed tut i suggest you visit makeupshayla on youtube. She has the simplest (under 10mins) method of doing it.

 Highlighting the forehead, ridge of the nose,under eyes,lip area, and chin (T ZONE)

look fabulous as you enjoy the season! forget those men lol! xoxo